Power Rankings

# Team GP W L T
1Midfairfield Jr Rangers433923
2Boston Jr Eagles322561
3Minuteman Flames261583
4Long Island Gulls343040
6Pittsburg Penguins Elite4128121
7Buffalo Jr Sabres6338214
8Boston Advantage464150
9Boston Jr Eagles5739135
10Sylvania North Stars4832133
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# Team GP W L T
1Middlesex Islanders322741
3Team Illinois312362
4Mid-Fairfield Jr Rangers383170
5Long Island Gulls463691
6Chicago Mission292162
7Montgomery Blue Devils282053
8Buffalo Jr Sabres3520114
9Boston Junior Eagles312461
10Sylvania North Stars301884
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# Team GP W L T
1Team Illinois584882
2New Jersey Colonials594577
3Boston Jr Eagles6047112
4Anaheim Jr Ducks5539115
5LA Jr Kings473791
6New Jersey Titans6341139
7Syracuse Nationals7152136
8Middlesex Islanders6142145
9Chicago Young Americans5431203
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# Team GP W L T
1Chicago Mission 575331
2R&M Hockey Supply483657
4Midfairfield Jr Rangers6143144
5Team Illinois413191
6Buffalo Jr Sabres6043116
7New Jersey Colonials5237105
8Long Island Royals5642104
9Anaheim Jr Ducks291982
10Minuteman Flames4525911
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# Team GP W L T
1Chicago Mission706253
2Belle Tire544383
3Little Caesars6242146
4LA Jr Kings4933151
5New Jersey Colonials6445910
6Boston Jr Eagles 6851107
7Virtua Hockey6745157
8Mid-Fairfield Jr Rangers6140156
9Pittsburgh Penguins Elite6341175
10Rochester Monarchs (Gold)6648153
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# Team GP W L T
1Little Caesars282323
2Chicago Mission433274
3New Jersey Colonials372881
4Shattuck St Mary271674
5Team Wisconsin302262
6Oakland Jr Grizzlies292252
7Syracuse Nationals4221156
8St Louis Blues252062
9Westchester Express312074
10Buffalo Jr Sabres312191
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# Team GP W L T
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# Team GP W L T
1team 1231--
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# Team GP W L T
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’06 Colonials Three-Peat.

The ’06 New Jersey Colonials won their 3rd consecutive AYHL title, beating the New Jersey Titans 2-0 in the finals.  Three-peating was no easy task this year, and the gap between the Colonials and the rest of the division seems to be narrowing.  T