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Hockey Talk Forum Rules

Registered and Unregistered Posters: You are allowed to post messages as either a registered or unregistered user. Please be aware that postings of anonymous (unregistered) users will be scrutinized more closely for objectionable content. iSlapshot moderators have sole discretion in overseeing and approving any content that is posted.

Naming Individuals: Identifying youth hockey players by name in a negative or objectionable manner is not permitted.  Such posts, will be removed or edited by iSlapshot moderators. Identification of adults by name in posts should be substantiated by facts, but may also be removed or edited if the content is found to be inappropriate.

Advertisements: Advertisements for hockey services should only be posted with approval of iSlapshot moderators. Please contact us via email to obtain permission to post commercial information. Any advertisement posted without prior permission is subject to deletion without notification.

Remediation Process: Continued objectionable postings of violation of the iSlapshot forum rules will result in banning of a user, username, or IP address.

iSlapshot reserves the right to modify these rules at any time without prior notice.

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